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This is a plugin for Quicksilver. It makes Opera (and other browsers) act nice together.


Get the latest version (52) here: Download QSOpera for Mac OS X


(Once you have installed the plugin, you can look at what it’s added to the catalog by clicking here)


I’d like to thank the authors of many many plugins who’s info.plist files helped, and those who shared their sources =)

Thanks a lot to Ankur Kothari

Source Code

The project’s source is hosted at

Change Log

Version 52 - 20090914

Version 4C - 20080608 First version online =)

Licence and Copyright

'twas written by Eric Doughty-Papassideris

In short (and non legally binding): LGPL. Share or sell, just keep the notice below.

Copyright © 2009 by Eric Doughty-Papassideris

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You're getting this for free, and it comes with no garantees whatsoever. It comes as-is. I don't want to know about what happened (or not) because of this code. You are getting it "as-is", and it "is not my problem".