Download QC Cheatsheet Viewer for Mac OS X

Visor is a really cool doom-like terminal for your Mac. It drops down from the top of the screen on a hotkey, lets you work in the terminal a bit, and hides as soon as it looses focus.

It lets you choose a Quartz Composition as a background for your terminal.

This is a Quartz Composition that displays cheat sheets from a folder.

Please note that the current stable version of Visor does not yet support Quartz Compositions as backgrounds. Please compile from source.


How to use it

Screenshot of the hotzones of this composition


Get the latest version here: Download QC Cheatsheet Viewer for Mac OS X


Making cheat sheets

Quickly generate a cheat sheet of your bash aliases with a command like:

alias | cut -c7-  | convert -fill black -background white \
-size 500x -pointsize 12 -font Courier-10-Pitch-Regular caption:@- ~/.cheatsheets/aliases.png

You will need ImageMagick for that command so with MacPorts, sudo port install ImageMagick

Changing the path to your cheatsheets

Open CheatSheetBackground.qtz in Quartz Composer (comes with XCode), click on Parameters on the root patch.
Here is a screenshot: How to change the path of your cheatsheets

Keeping the folder fresh

By default, the composition will scan the folder when you show the menu, if it hasn't done so in the past 10 seconds. You can set that frequency by editing the composition with quartz composer. It's a published setting on the root patch. Like the folder.

Licence and Copyright

'twas written by Eric Doughty-Papassideris

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License .


You're getting this for free, and it comes with no garantees whatsoever. It comes as-is. I don't want to know about what happened (or not) because of this code. You are getting it "as-is", and it "is not my problem".